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Here’s why Hyderabad’s real estate sector is leading the pack

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 The real estate sector of Hyderabad offers a huge growth potential. Having evolved in phases, the realty market in the city was not the same, a couple of decades ago. However, it took off around 2004, as the IT sector started generating demand for residential properties across the city.

It was a perfect time for the abnormal rise in the rates, with real estate boom in Hyderabad opening the doors for investors and developers. The prices went up by five to six times and a major transformation raised speculations of a healthy future for the real estate sector in the South Indian city, explain industry experts at Modi Builders.

The land rates also jumped by three to four times and the people started investing in  various locations in the city. Since residential areas in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune have been saturated, Hyderabad is turning into a leader of the pack by attracting various corporates and residential real estate seekers from other cities.

Young people are also migrating to Hyderabad due to the cost factor and a huge potential on purchasing a property. Experts at Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad opine that the residential real estate sector in the city is not about small and affordable projects anymore. There are many luxurious projects in and around the city, which offer plethora of amenities to the residents.

Swimming pools, play areas, gymnasium, security, etc., are some of the basic amenities offered by all these projects. With great eco-system for healthy and hassle-free living, the buyers are preferring these spacious apartments over small spaces in the main city.

In terms of quality of life and residential pricing, the city is still offering better value for money, compared to the other metro cities. Hyderabad is set to add another 14,000 to 15,000 residential units to its inventory this year, which will further boost the growth of realty sector in the city.


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How Policy Changes Will Drive Growth in Hyderabad’s Real Estate Market

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The impact of aggressive policy changes in 2016-17, may portray an image of a sluggish real estate market in India. However, the fact is that market, at the micro level, has been up and running. Investors can expect good returns in metro cities, as they are offering reasonable property prices.

With the introduction of Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA), developers are in an urgency of completing their ongoing projects. Owing to these policy changes, Indian home buyers are also exercising due diligence while taking decisions. They now spend ample time doing in-depth research of the property they are investing in.

The micro market of Hyderabad could offer value to the home buyers. On its revival path, the city has displayed a positive price growth in the recent years. It is reinstating the popularity as one of the prominent locations for real estate in the country. For the third time in a row, it was also ranked as the top Indian city by the Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2017.

Several leading developers of Hyderabad, including Prestige Group, Modi Builders Group, Ashoka Developers and Builders Ltd and Dream India Group, among others, are shifting their focus from premium houses to the affordable and mid-priced properties.

Apart from the government policies, the political stability has also played an important role in lifting up the realty market of Hyderabad. After the Telangana state got separated from Andhra Pradesh, the political drift has also contributed towards the revival of the city’s economic conditions.

The demand for both residential and commercial sector has been witnessing a surge. Reports show that several IT and warehousing companies are creating office spaces in Hyderabad. Besides, with the return of IT companies in the city, residential demands, in proximity to the IT hubs, are picking up.

Different locations of the city are becoming preferable among the homebuyers for varied reasons. While South-Hyderabad is considered as one of the best options due to its affordability, areas in the West-Hyderabad are preferred for their proximity to Hitech City and Gachibowli.

An expert from Dream India Group considers locations like Srisailam Highway, Balapur, Adibatla, and Shamshabad, as lucrative investment options in South-Hyderabad for their affordable land parcels.

Another expert from Modi Builders Group is of the opinion that destinations like Kukatpally, Nanakramguda in Financial District, Madhapur, and Kondapur, among others, have the potential to witness strong residential sales drive. These locations make the best option for employees seeking houses in the vicinity of hubs like Hitech City and Gachibowli. Developers are aiming to provide quality features and amenities in the dwellings of these areas.

Hyderabad has been regarded as one of the best cities of India to live in. Over the last couple of years, it has been one of the few cities to display sustained growth in housing sales and new launches. The establishment of metro in the city has further enhanced it as an attractive real estate destination.

With its enormous talent pool, exceptional infrastructure, and growing robustness in its realty markets, Hyderabad is all set to make an evident mark on the Indian real estate sector.

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Modi Builders brings you the real estate facts you didn’t know

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A lot of consumers get attracted to the real estate market due to the quantum of investments involved in it. Modi Builders, a leading construction firm of Hyderabad, understands the amount of research required on market statistics, mortgage rates, neighborhood information, etc., while buying a house.

The internet provides enormous information that the potential consumers look out for. No matter how deep the research is, there are always certain things that one might not know to make a wise decision for real estate.

Real Estate sector is intricate yet intriguing. It involves a number of details that are to be dealt with while buying or selling a house. Despite the complications and in-depth research that it requires, investments in the sector remain substantial.

The Indian Real estate sector is the second largest employer and contributes 5-6 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Experts at Modi Builders are well-aware about the sector and its requirements. They have listed some interesting real estate facts that most of us don’t know.

Five Interesting Real Estate Facts

1. Own a home and build wealth:

Owning a house is considered a big asset in India. People entering the real estate market as house owners gradually build wealth. Statistics show that at an average net worth of homeowner is 40 times more than that of the renters.

2. Taxes saved as property owned:

Giving a chunk of income in taxes can be irksome for many. However, real estate gives an opportunity to reduce the burden via certain tax deductions. In India, these include – deductions on home loan interest, on principal repayment as well as on stamp duty and registration charges. First-time homeowners in India can claim tax deductions of up to Rs 1 lakh, under the Section 80EE.

3. Expert advice for better decisions:

Entering the complex real estate market is not an easy task. Making the right decisions while buying or selling a house is crucial. Experts at Modi Builders consider teaming up with an agent a better option for grabbing the right home or for selling your home to the right person. Statistics show that around 50 per cent people are satisfied with the information provided by agents.

4. Home staging a key to sell:

Home staging plays a major role in drawing the interest of the buyers. It makes a big difference in the buyer’s ability to see the potential of a house. Experts say that a well-staged house increases the value that buyers willingly pay. Staged homes make it easier for buyers to visualize their lifestyle in them. Most often, buyers overlook the faults, if the best features of a house are highlighted.

5. Go Online:

In India, one of the most preferred medium for buying or selling a house is Internet. Considered the second-largest online market across the world, the country accounts for over 462 million internet users. Out of these, around 20 million people surf the internet every month for buying a house. Statistics show that nearly 53 per cent of the total real estate transactions are influenced by the internet, in India.

The Hyderabad-based realtors, Modi Builders are recognized for their luxurious properties available at affordable prices. With years of experience, they deeply understand the Indian real estate sector and its dynamics.