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Modi Builders Review on "Residential real estate market "

Residential real estate market gains momentum after a state of hibernation

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Modi Builders Review on “Residential real estate market “

India’s top 9 cities witness a growth trajectory in the number of housing units, which showed an uptick by 3 percent in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019. Seeing the buyer’s confidence revive again in the residential market, developers seem more optimistic as new housing launches increases to 42,504 units in India top cities such as Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.

Succeeding the seven percent dip in 2018, there has been a slow but steady rise in number of new housing units. The developers are invested in both launch of new residences as well as clearing the existing inventory of unsold units in the country. The inventory slew by four per cent as compared to the previous year’s quarter (Q1 2018). The market improvement can be credited to increased buyers’ demand.

The capital values across the nine cities weren’t much affected, except Hyderabad which saw a comparative one percent rise. Hyderabad stands at the top of the position in terms of new launches (100 per cent rise to 3,026 units launched), followed by Noida, and Thane (Mumbai).

“As ready to move housing units’ become increasingly available, the demand has, thus, been thrifted upwards. The increase in buyers’ demand also led to an increase in buyer’s absorption rate, as much as five per cent approximately. We expect the positive shift to last in the forthcoming years.” say real estate experts at Modi builders.

With buyers having access to risk-free options at considerable prices, Samir Jasuja, founder and managing director at PropEquity also seemed optimistic about the Indian real estate sector. He says “With beneficial announcements for the real estate in the budget, we can witness further push to housing demand, especially in the affordable and mid-income segment. Branded and large developers with good fundamentals are expected to do well this year.”

The residential real estate market has been previously impacted by buyers’ distrust and lack of delivery commitments on the part of developers. Various instances from the past can be highlighted wherein empty promises were made on developers’ end, which adversely affected the buyers’ confidence in the industry.

However, as the trend reverse, future prospect of the residential real estate seem promising, including sectors job creation, proper market STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) and timely project completion (RERA plays a detrimental role).


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Want to save tax on real estate purchase? Modi Builders review the best possible ways

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GST was arguably the current government’s biggest initiative to streamline real estate purchase for taxpayers. The objective was to reduce applicable taxation charges to an extent that people can buy their dream homes in an economical price range. However, people still feel the need to reduce the payable tax as much as they can because why not?  Considering that the real estate taxes vary in every state, experts at Modi Builders review some of the best practices to save money:-

How to save tax on real estate purchase?

  • Stamp duty Exemption

Expenses directly associated with property transfer like Stamp Duty and Registration Charges are liable to tax reduction under Section 80C. The maximum possible deduction is Rs 1.5 lakh and can be claimed in the year’s income tax return. The receipt of paid stamp duty and property registration papers (copy) are to be submitted so as to avail the savings.

  • Affordable Housing Scheme

Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana as a catalyst to its vision of ‘Housing For All by 2022’. Potential homebuyers that belong to the Economically Weaker Sections or Low income Groups can avail a GST relaxation of four per cent i.e. eight per cent payable tax instead of the original 12 per cent.

In addition, individuals that have an annual household income less than Rs 18 lakh, better known as Middle Income Group 1 and Middle Income Group 2, are eligible for the aforementioned scheme. Dialogue is in process as the government is looking to waive off all sorts of tax applicable on these four categories.

  • Joint Home Loan

In a joint home loan, every involved individual can avail a tax deduction of approximately Rs 2 lakh on loan interest and nearly Rs 1.5 lakh waiver on the principal amount. In case you are looking to purchase ,say apartments in Hyderabad, study the specifications mentioned under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act and try to go for a joint loan.

  • Principal Repayment

Deduction of up to Rs 1.5 lakh is applicable to claim the principal repayment under Section 80C provided that the home loan is taken for the purchase/construction of a new house property. Furthermore, experts at Modi Builders state that this property cannot be sold by the owner before five years, counted from the date of possession. If not adhered to, the deduction will be re-added in the year of sale’s income tax records.

  • Section 80EE

The recent addition to Income Tax Act enables every homeowner with only one house to enjoy a tax benefit of up to Rs 50,000. The condition is that he/she must have only one house as of the date of loan approval. In case one has two houses, read about the ITR-2 form.


Need detailed explanations on a specific deduction? Let us know in the comments below!

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Scope of luxury villas in Hyderabad in the upcoming years

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Year 2017 was nothing short of a revolution for the Indian Real Estate sector. The introduction of RERA and GST in quick successions marked a new dawn for the industry. And, like every change, it shook the foundations of real estate in its initial days.  However, to the surprise of customers, the housing sector picked the pace towards recovery. In this article, experts at Modi Builders review the future of luxury villas in Hyderabad.

In the last decade, Hyderabad has emerged as one of the most promising residential realty destinations for buyers as well as builders. With the influx of investments from international companies and corresponding rise of migrants from across the country, the city has revealed immense potential for development.

That said, builders have capitalized on these opportunities and provided the home buyers with a plethora of projects to choose from. But the questions remain: What now? Industry experts at Modi Builders state that the outskirts of Hyderabad will play a key role in the future developments. With abundant land available and recovering demands, here are the types of projects that will spearhead the market growth:

Theme-based projects

Sustainable development is the need of the hour and builders have devised a smart fusion of development and environment in green housing projects. The underlying theme points towards the recycling, and conservation, of resources without hampering the facilities expected from a new-age residential project.

Smart Homes

It is about time technology takes the center stage in real estate. People are increasingly getting used to technology doing the hard work for them and on this tangent, many homes are expected to be equipped with upcoming trends like home automation. While they introduce a new way of entertainment and lifestyle, security and home solutions will receive a much-needed boost.

Luxurious and affordable

A fair segment of potential home buyers consists of working professionals looking for a rented house with colleagues as well as a new place for their family. Targeting this section of audience, projects will be set up that provide all the facilities with a road map of connectivity to the leading corporate hubs of Hyderabad.

Dedicated Luxury

Competing with the global standards of luxury, it is speculated that developers of Hyderabad will set up projects that come with a higher price bracket, but corresponding facilities. Metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, etc, have been testament to the success of such projects.

Growth of real estate in Hyderabad will surely turn some heads in the next five years. It will be interesting to see the range of projects coming up and the corresponding feedback from potential homebuyers.

Top 5 Trends Likely To Shape Real Estate Market This Year

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The real estate sector in India has undergone a massive change in the last few years. It was growing at a decent pace, before slowing down due to the introduction of new reforms by the current government.

However, the past two years have seen India climb 52 positions in the Ease of Doing Business rankings released by the World Bank. Owing to the transparency and accountability brought by the new reforms, things are getting better for the billion dollar industry, suggest Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad.

Here are 5 major trends that are likely to shape the real estate market in 2019:


Demand for commercial real estate:

Investment in commercial real estate will be fueled by the GDP growth. Owing to the renewed interest from banking tenants and expansion by tech-companies, the commercial real estate absorption has grown by more than 20 per cent in 2018, and the trend is likely to continue.


Availability of affordable residential real estate:

The demand for affordable housing is growing with the increasing population, urbanization and the rise of nuclear families. But, the buyers have not been able to get the desired properties at an affordable price in the major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi NCR.

However, some residential real estate developers like Modi Builders have come up with various apartments in Hyderabad at different location, meeting the demand of both luxury as well as affordable home-seekers.



Joint developments, joint ventures and development management agreements have been growing between the landowners, smaller developers and organized developers. This process is expected to go on, as the small developers are reaching out to the reputed ones for completion of their projects and resolving their financial troubles.



There has been a structural shift in the logistic sector as GST has helped bring all the states together, turning them into a single market. The sector is attracting quite a few players with small fragmented networks being consolidated into large distribution chains with centralized hubs. The developers have been encouraged to shift their focus from housing to warehousing with the growth of online shopping.


The financial complications:

The disbursal to the real estate sector have been slowed down by the ongoing NBFC crisis. The developers are finding it difficult to raise funds for the projects as the banks are becoming watchful. They have been forced to resort to other financing routes, which in turn is increasing their cost of capital.

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The period before and after the general elections is expected to be crucial for the Indian realty. It can make or break the progress of the sector. Many developers tend to go slow on launches before polls and home buyers also wait for the developments. However, the experts at Modi Builders predict a fruitful first quarter for the home buyers, and expect a turnaround for the sector post general elections.


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Modi Builders Shares Some Effective Tips To Keep Your Realty Investments Safe

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Investing in real estate market offers plenty of opportunities to make huge revenues. However, being a volatile market, it is affected by various unpredictable factors. Thus, it becomes important to make very calculated moves and safeguard your investments wisely.

Listed below are some of the most effective ways for securing your real estate investments:

Adopt The Right Business Approach

It is imperative to follow the right business approach before making your investments. There is no shortcut or a quick entry and exit approach which can yield promising results, say realtors at Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad. Instead of focusing on quick moneymaking, you should enter the business as a wheeler dealer. It calls for a proper understanding of all the aspects of the business, the prevailing trends and the factors affecting the market. You should ensure that your business approach is legitimized, as it can help you in saving on commissions. This is also effective in avoiding the small glitches and backlogs.

Investment Tenure

Industry experts at Modi Builders suggest the real estate should always be considered a long-term investment. You should hold a property for at least 3 years. However, the maximum return on investment is likely to be generated between 5 and 7 years.

Get Your Property Insured

A comprehensive insurance plan can safeguard your property from all kinds of sudden disasters and calamities. Considered as one of the best ways to safeguard your real estate investment, it is a must for high-end properties. However, it becomes important to ensure that the insurance plan covers all types of calamities, such as flood, drought, hailstorm and earthquake, as well as fire outbreaks or the other disasters.

Decide When To Cut Your Losses

Though it is commonly advised to make long-term investments in the real estate, but holding the assets that are losing their value proves to be an unwise decision. A comprehensive market research can help you in estimating the right time to sale/purchase a property.

Documenting All Furnishing

It is advisable to keep a detailed record of all the items in your property, especially if you own a holiday home, say realtors at Modi Builders. This will help you in keep a record of anything which goes missing or is stolen, and can also help you in getting insurance claim. Your document should include important things, such as like manufacturer’s details, model name/number of the items and a photograph of the item. You should have these details with you, and not only on the property.

Secure Financing For The Property

Industry experts recommend seeking help from a reliable financing agency or institution if you are looking forward to invest in the real estate market through external financing. An official business portfolio is required for this as it can ensure great revenues.

Ensure That Your Property is Secure

You need to upgrade the security of your property above the minimum standards, say experts at Modi Builders. Ensuring security measures in important places can help you in keeping the thieves away.


We hope these tips help you in securing your real estate investments in the best possible ways

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Good customer Service Vital For Realty Business To Thrive, Suggest Experts at Modi Builders

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Customer service is a very important aspect of any business and real estate is no exception. If the customer service is good, there is no need for a builder to invest heavily on marketing. But, if the customer service is poor, even the best marketing cannot change the fortunes of a business.

A bad customer service leads to a damaged reputation of a real estate builder. It becomes difficult to convert the leads on regular basis. According to a survey, people are likely to share a bad experience more quickly as compared to the good one. Remember, a bad news always travels faster than good news in real estate industry.


A study has suggested that customers with positive experience prefer to stick to the same builder, even in the future. Whereas, customers with a negative experience are likely to make purchases from other builders immediately after encountering the bad experience. So, the first impression is very important.


Furthermore, customers are quick to write negative reviews online whenever they face a problem, explain experts at Modi Builders. They can vent their frustrations on various social media platforms tagging their friends, family and other users. These reviews can change the mindset of an individual before making a buying decision.


Customer feedback and complaints can make or break any business, believe industry experts at Modi Builders. A recent study has also revealed that 95% of customers usually tell at least one person about a bad customer experience with a company, while 54% share it with at least five other people.


The same study has also revealed that 88 per cent of the people are influenced by an online review before making a buying decision. So, online reputation is important for the overall health of a business and cannot be ignored at any cost.

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Why Flats for Sale in Bandlaguda Attract More Home Buyers

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Bandlaguda was just another village in the Ranga Reddy District until a few years ago. Water scarcity and sanitation issues had degraded the quality of life. Land grabbing and crime rates were on the rise, and it was not the first choice of people for accommodation. This has changed now.

Ever since realtors started investing and established flats for sale in Bandlaguda, there was a substantial growth in its conditions. Hyderabad has always been known for its affordable housing and Bandlaguda is yet another example.

Projects like Lotus Homes, etc., have made luxury accessible to everyone without burning a hole in their pockets. The merger of Gram Panchayats in Greater Hyderabad, HMDA and MA&UD played a substantial role in eradicating the issues of basic amenities.

Awarded the best city to live for four consecutive years, Hyderabad is also well-known for its employment opportunities. Professionals working in IT hubs like HiTec City and Gachibowli IT Zone prefer Bandlaguda as their housing destination because of its easy connectivity. Bandlaguda is approximately 14 km from Gachibowli and almost 22km for Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Suncity is one of the major landmarks of Bandlaguda with modern Super Market alternatives like More, Reliance Fresh, etc., for the residents. Premier educational institutions of the area consist of Don Bosco School, Shadan College of Engg. & Technology, Army Public School, etc. The area also has other attractions like Sri Raghavendra Sports Estate, Ocean Park, GRK Function Hall, etc.

Read More: Factors Consider Buying Luxury Homes in Hyderabad

The premium apartment project of Modi builders, LOTUS HOMES, has successfully offered luxurious flats for sale in Bandlaguda at economical pricing. With state-of-the-art facilities and quality housing, Modi Builders have maintained their flawless track record across Hyderabad.

Selecting a home is always difficult and the serene, pollution-free and well-connected Bandlaguda makes it an ideal choice for people looking to stay away from the noises of city while enjoying all the benefits.


Luxury Homes

Factors To Consider Before Buying Luxury Homes in Hyderabad

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Popular for its affordability, Hyderabad is the most lucrative option for realty investments in India. The city is known for offering exclusive experience to the dwellers at affordable prices.

Endeavoring to meet such demands of the property buyers, Hyderabad-based developers are constantly launching projects with state-of-the-art amenities. The idea is to enhance the living standards of the people. Realtors in the city, such as Ashoka Developers and Builders Ltd, Modi Builders Group, and Ramky Group among others, are building apartments, with amenities that tick almost all the features required to build luxury houses.

As developers are striving towards meeting the needs of buyers in Hyderabad, they are also looking for ample of amenities, even in standard properties. Both the demand and supply from the developers have made it quite challenging to differentiate standard property from the luxury homes.

Industry experts at Modi Builders Group defined luxury homes as the ones that are located in the most prominent locations and comprise of high-class amenities.

Another expert from Ramky Group is of the opinion that each section in luxury homes is well-defined, with best-in-class interiors. Moreover, these houses feature several recreational facilities, including play areas, fitness centres, swimming pools, playgrounds, along with others.

 Factors That Define The Luxury Homes of Hyderabad

  • Luxury properties are primarily identified through their geographical locations and cultural surroundings.
  • These houses are established in close proximity to major physical and social infrastructure, such as hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls, commercial hubs, along with accessibility to the public transportation services.
  • Residents of luxury homes delight in the tranquility, along with the top-notch amenities, such as large floor spaces, modular kitchens, bathrooms with high-end fixtures, state-of-the-art technologies, etc.
  • These properties consist of several recreational facilities, gymnasium and other outdoor activities.
  • A clean and hygienic environment via excellent garbage management facilities.
  • Certain premium homes also embrace eco-friendly features like green building materials and pre-cast technology.

An expert at Ashoka Developers and Builders Ltd highlighted that buyers should consider the availability social infrastructure in vicinity. Locations in close proximity to wide internal roads, ring roads, and service roads, must be considered while opting for luxury houses.

According to the experts at Modi Builders Group, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hitech City, Begumpet, Kondapur, Gachibowli, Somajiguda and Nanakramguda are the most prominent localities in Hyderabad, due to the social infrastructure and transportation facilities. These developers themselves have been setting up several ventures in these prime locations.

Luxury Homes in Hyderabad | Modi Builders


While buying premium homes, considering the luxury aspect is necessary. However, buyers should conduct a thorough research about the developer of the property they are investing in. Moreover, technology and the architecture play a vital role while judging the finest house.

Luxury homes are essentially defined by some unique elements that facilitate a premium lifestyle experience. Along with such features, buyers must focus on well-constructed apartments that provide eco-friendly features.

Lotus Homes

Lotus Homes Has All The Characteristics Of A Perfect House

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Moving in a new house or investing in property is a big thing to do as it entails a lot of ‘ifs and buts’. If you are planning to buy flats for sale in Hyderabad, Modi Builders is surely the developers to contact. The builder has a home portfolio, consisting of houses, which are designed to satisfy your dreams of owning a beautiful abode. Their Lotus Homes is a perfect blend of charisma and comfort, at affordable prices.

Modi Builders highlights thoughts, which are mostly culled from discussions with their buyers, data analytics and personal observations, with a prominence on investment value and some expectation of future trends:


Because buyers are looking long-term, the flight to quality has never been so active.  Buying the best location you can afford will never go out of style. Being in a great school district is smart, even if you don’t have kids.


Every homebuyer looks for the security factor while thinking about the location before buying a house. People nowadays have concerns about their security, and the safety scenario might get shoddier in the future. So, the purchase you make should be a wise one. Buy flats that have gated security, and the neighboring properties do not hurt.


Privacy is a factor that nobody compromises on. For that, there should be no looking in, especially, not from above by the neighbors. Up-slopes are good enough only if there is sufficient space of flat area, and the home on the upper level are built back, so you don’t glimpse their life much.


As per the demand statistics, people usually seek home in a multi story building as they feel more connected and secured in that environment. People, who live in a single-story flat, later run into snag with no neighbors, know that you can always seek help of a neighbor when in need.

Spacious Floor Plan

People usually look for houses that feature big, ventilated rooms that le the air flow. The room that has enough leg space can be added to an open checkbook for the home buyers.

Modi Builders offers well-appointed housing options to their buyers and their flats for sale in Hyderabad have been constructed on the bricks of high quality and trust.





Modi Builders

Modi Builders brings you the real estate facts you didn’t know

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A lot of consumers get attracted to the real estate market due to the quantum of investments involved in it. Modi Builders, a leading construction firm of Hyderabad, understands the amount of research required on market statistics, mortgage rates, neighborhood information, etc., while buying a house.

The internet provides enormous information that the potential consumers look out for. No matter how deep the research is, there are always certain things that one might not know to make a wise decision for real estate.

Real Estate sector is intricate yet intriguing. It involves a number of details that are to be dealt with while buying or selling a house. Despite the complications and in-depth research that it requires, investments in the sector remain substantial.

The Indian Real estate sector is the second largest employer and contributes 5-6 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Experts at Modi Builders are well-aware about the sector and its requirements. They have listed some interesting real estate facts that most of us don’t know.

Five Interesting Real Estate Facts

1. Own a home and build wealth:

Owning a house is considered a big asset in India. People entering the real estate market as house owners gradually build wealth. Statistics show that at an average net worth of homeowner is 40 times more than that of the renters.

2. Taxes saved as property owned:

Giving a chunk of income in taxes can be irksome for many. However, real estate gives an opportunity to reduce the burden via certain tax deductions. In India, these include – deductions on home loan interest, on principal repayment as well as on stamp duty and registration charges. First-time homeowners in India can claim tax deductions of up to Rs 1 lakh, under the Section 80EE.

3. Expert advice for better decisions:

Entering the complex real estate market is not an easy task. Making the right decisions while buying or selling a house is crucial. Experts at Modi Builders consider teaming up with an agent a better option for grabbing the right home or for selling your home to the right person. Statistics show that around 50 per cent people are satisfied with the information provided by agents.

4. Home staging a key to sell:

Home staging plays a major role in drawing the interest of the buyers. It makes a big difference in the buyer’s ability to see the potential of a house. Experts say that a well-staged house increases the value that buyers willingly pay. Staged homes make it easier for buyers to visualize their lifestyle in them. Most often, buyers overlook the faults, if the best features of a house are highlighted.

5. Go Online:

In India, one of the most preferred medium for buying or selling a house is Internet. Considered the second-largest online market across the world, the country accounts for over 462 million internet users. Out of these, around 20 million people surf the internet every month for buying a house. Statistics show that nearly 53 per cent of the total real estate transactions are influenced by the internet, in India.

The Hyderabad-based realtors, Modi Builders are recognized for their luxurious properties available at affordable prices. With years of experience, they deeply understand the Indian real estate sector and its dynamics.