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How can Hyderabad offer affordable housing near transit to people of all income groups?

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The demand for affordable housing is skyrocketing as innumerable people are migrating to metro cities for a better lifestyle and more jobs opportunities. Around half of the country’s population owns a home, the rest stay either in rented or dilapidated houses. Considering the need of own homes, the government launched Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme in 2015 aiming to provide homes to the urban poor with proper facilities.


Top builders in Hyderabad like Modi Builders are striving to develop residential projects in the city that meet the criteria of affordable housing. From a long time, Modi Builders has been constructing affordable houses with state-of-the-art amenities at great transit locations like Kukatpally, Kompally and more to let people own their homes. Homes at renowned projects namely Lotus Homes, Paradise Homes, etc, start from around 27 lakh which attract many potential buyers. To enhance the lifestyle of new buyers, modern amenities are offered like clubhouse, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, parking, garden, panic buzzers and more.


Why affordable housing is a necessity?

Affordable homes are imperative to a family building a path out of poverty. Owning a home gives the family more stability, lifetime security, financial freedom, independence and better health that most of the families can’t achieve without outside support.

Majority of the homebuyers consider the cost of the property as the most important factor and then come other factors like location, timely delivery and more. Contemplating that the cost of homes is the prime need of most buyers, a collective effort by builders in launching affordable homes will increase the overall housing demands, experts at Modi Builders review. The boost in the real estate sector will, in turn, help uplift the nation’s economy.

Experts are also of a view that schemes like PMAY motivate the developers to shift their focus towards offering affordable housing.

Eco-Friendly Constructions

Modi Builders Sets The Benchmark For Superlative Eco-Friendly Constructions

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Real estate is inventing a whole new concept of sustainability, and homeowners seem to speak the same language too. Residential projects equipped with Solar lighting for common areas and LEDs, solar panel infused or having green home certifications, account for some of the premium listings in the real estate market.

Buyers are increasingly seeking the natural way of living, and what better way than to go green? Let your children experience the thrill of swinging from trees, take a walk with your loved ones under a green canopy or plan getaway picnics with your neighbours. Experience the great sunset through the lush greens and let life be refreshed every day. Enjoy life as it should be; together and in harmony with nature.

In terms of sustainable apartments, taking steps to improve sustainability can also improve the health of your indoor environment. Eco-friendly design features and sustainable buildings are being adopted faster than ever, and buyers are seeking out the next best green amenities, from zero off-gassing, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, high-efficiency heating and cooling, etc.

With residential homes across projects like Elegance, Paradise Homes, Sterling Heights and many others by top builders in Hyderabad, the residents are adopting peaceful living with green landscapes and lots of conveniences for a comfortable lifestyle. The luxurious amenities consist of toddler’s play area, garden, rainwater harvesting, aroma gardens, family area, adventure play area, well-equipped gym, walking track, tennis court, swimming pool and many more facilities.

The specific features of the beautiful projects include a flexible floor plan, open kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and many more. Nested peacefully amidst nature, these projects are is in close proximity to all city conveniences – bus stop, schools, hospitals, airport, and others.

Modi Builders focuses on developing large and green expanses across the city along with providing top-notch facilities, reinstating the firm’s powerful purpose of going “green.” The environmentally-friendly designs of construction are now being embraced by real estate professionals and the industry alike.


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Modi Builders Shares Some Effective Tips To Keep Your Realty Investments Safe

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Investing in real estate market offers plenty of opportunities to make huge revenues. However, being a volatile market, it is affected by various unpredictable factors. Thus, it becomes important to make very calculated moves and safeguard your investments wisely.

Listed below are some of the most effective ways for securing your real estate investments:

Adopt The Right Business Approach

It is imperative to follow the right business approach before making your investments. There is no shortcut or a quick entry and exit approach which can yield promising results, say realtors at Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad. Instead of focusing on quick moneymaking, you should enter the business as a wheeler dealer. It calls for a proper understanding of all the aspects of the business, the prevailing trends and the factors affecting the market. You should ensure that your business approach is legitimized, as it can help you in saving on commissions. This is also effective in avoiding the small glitches and backlogs.

Investment Tenure

Industry experts at Modi Builders suggest the real estate should always be considered a long-term investment. You should hold a property for at least 3 years. However, the maximum return on investment is likely to be generated between 5 and 7 years.

Get Your Property Insured

A comprehensive insurance plan can safeguard your property from all kinds of sudden disasters and calamities. Considered as one of the best ways to safeguard your real estate investment, it is a must for high-end properties. However, it becomes important to ensure that the insurance plan covers all types of calamities, such as flood, drought, hailstorm and earthquake, as well as fire outbreaks or the other disasters.

Decide When To Cut Your Losses

Though it is commonly advised to make long-term investments in the real estate, but holding the assets that are losing their value proves to be an unwise decision. A comprehensive market research can help you in estimating the right time to sale/purchase a property.

Documenting All Furnishing

It is advisable to keep a detailed record of all the items in your property, especially if you own a holiday home, say realtors at Modi Builders. This will help you in keep a record of anything which goes missing or is stolen, and can also help you in getting insurance claim. Your document should include important things, such as like manufacturer’s details, model name/number of the items and a photograph of the item. You should have these details with you, and not only on the property.

Secure Financing For The Property

Industry experts recommend seeking help from a reliable financing agency or institution if you are looking forward to invest in the real estate market through external financing. An official business portfolio is required for this as it can ensure great revenues.

Ensure That Your Property is Secure

You need to upgrade the security of your property above the minimum standards, say experts at Modi Builders. Ensuring security measures in important places can help you in keeping the thieves away.


We hope these tips help you in securing your real estate investments in the best possible ways

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Want to invest in real estate? Get Started with These Useful Tips

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The world of real estate is quite dynamic, and attractive with the way it functions. The industry has great scope without any significant risks, as compared to the stock markets that usually deal with continuous fluctuations. Yet, there is something about this industry, which makes it very interesting.

As a real estate investor, you need to study the market, create strategies and make decisions based on various characteristics, explain industry experts at Modi Builders. But, is it worth the try? Is the world of real estate enough to fetch you the income you are looking for?

Well, as long as you are knowledgeable about the condition of your investment, cost of maintenance, taxes, insurance, property management, you are on course to earn decent profits. Real estate is a good industry for hustlers as they know that they can call frustrated owners and landlords and buy their property before it hits the market. But, it’s not bad for a layman either.

The best way to start is to find a property you want and make an offer. The great thing about real estate deal is that you can negotiate unlike in the stock market, where everything is dynamic. A good negotiator can save a decent amount from the very first investment. It is also important to increase the property portfolio regularly to stay ahead of the curve. Even if the market has a downturn, you can wait for the right time to sell. Meanwhile, you can earn the rent from a larger property portfolio till the rates go up.

The success of an investor not only depends on the ability to choose the right property, but the ability to sell it at the right time. An investor needs to take control of every step and process to prevent losses.

According to the experts at Modi Builders, one of the top real estate builders in Hyderabad, the real estate market is open to everyone. You don’t need a certain qualification and there is no industry-specific criteria to get started in this industry. It’s all about doing a bit of research and making wise decisions to become a good investor and earn decent income.

Flats for Sale in Bandlaguda

Why Flats for Sale in Bandlaguda Attract More Home Buyers

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Bandlaguda was just another village in the Ranga Reddy District until a few years ago. Water scarcity and sanitation issues had degraded the quality of life. Land grabbing and crime rates were on the rise, and it was not the first choice of people for accommodation. This has changed now.

Ever since realtors started investing and established flats for sale in Bandlaguda, there was a substantial growth in its conditions. Hyderabad has always been known for its affordable housing and Bandlaguda is yet another example.

Projects like Lotus Homes, etc., have made luxury accessible to everyone without burning a hole in their pockets. The merger of Gram Panchayats in Greater Hyderabad, HMDA and MA&UD played a substantial role in eradicating the issues of basic amenities.

Awarded the best city to live for four consecutive years, Hyderabad is also well-known for its employment opportunities. Professionals working in IT hubs like HiTec City and Gachibowli IT Zone prefer Bandlaguda as their housing destination because of its easy connectivity. Bandlaguda is approximately 14 km from Gachibowli and almost 22km for Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

Suncity is one of the major landmarks of Bandlaguda with modern Super Market alternatives like More, Reliance Fresh, etc., for the residents. Premier educational institutions of the area consist of Don Bosco School, Shadan College of Engg. & Technology, Army Public School, etc. The area also has other attractions like Sri Raghavendra Sports Estate, Ocean Park, GRK Function Hall, etc.

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The premium apartment project of Modi builders, LOTUS HOMES, has successfully offered luxurious flats for sale in Bandlaguda at economical pricing. With state-of-the-art facilities and quality housing, Modi Builders have maintained their flawless track record across Hyderabad.

Selecting a home is always difficult and the serene, pollution-free and well-connected Bandlaguda makes it an ideal choice for people looking to stay away from the noises of city while enjoying all the benefits.