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Your guide to hassle-free home buying experience when seeking a better quality of life

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Finding the perfect house for your family can prove to be a daunting task. The process of house hunting turns out to be stressful at times. In order to find the perfect house, it is necessary to have a guidebook which covers all the tips and steps for making the right decision.

For the customers, buying a house is not just an investment in any other piece of property. It is a source of security, stability and pride for them. Considering the country’s real estate market and the government policies, having an affordable and luxurious house is not a far-fetched dream anymore. A number of infrastructural developments and the increasing competitiveness amongst builders have made buying home a lucrative investment.

Although, for the first-timers, investing in a home of your own in India can seem a little confusing and intimidating, but with the right set of advice, the process can go smoothly. On that note, let’s take a look at some of the important factors to be considered while investing in a house:


One cannot emphasis enough upon the importance of location when buying a house. It is necessary that customers pick the right and suitable housing project. If you have a specific location in mind, then you need to visit that area frequently. Modi Builders provides gated communities consisting of residential villas and apartments with well-planned layout. All our projects are designed as per vaasthu and have all the preferable amenities that can enhance your lifestyle.


When living in a gated apartment, having a helpful neighborhood comes in handy. Before investing in the house, buyers should interact with the neighbors and make sure that they have an easy access to transport.


While investing in a property, look for the options which are located near schools. Consider your options as it will define your child’s future as well. Looking for more viable and suitable options which are near several residential communities, international schools and colleges is necessary. Project apartments and villas by Modi Builders in Hyderabad like Sterling Homes and Golden County are few of the many projects that lie in close proximity to top international schools and colleges.


Always buy a home which fits your budget. The most important thing is that you don’t go overboard with the budget. The problem is when you push your price range and it leads to borrowing. If you are looking for the option of mortgage, then calculating the maximum monthly down payment is necessary.


Buying a home is an investment into your future. Thus, there are various factors which affect your research. As buyers, you should ask yourselves if you plan to expand your family. How many extra rooms will you require? Can the homes be customized, expanded or reconstructed? Our homes are built taking everything into consideration. Not only are they constructed using the top quality material, our architects have also left some space for your innovation and creativity.

Individuals need to plan their budget and search the market before buying a perfect house. The various housing projects developed by top builders in Hyderabad offer options which fit in the pockets of majority of the buyers. Modi Builders offers housing projects like Elegance and Sterling Heights, which have witnessed a huge surge of demand for 2BHK/3BHK flats in Hyderabad with luxurious amenities at cost effective rates.



Here’s why Hyderabad’s real estate sector is leading the pack

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 The real estate sector of Hyderabad offers a huge growth potential. Having evolved in phases, the realty market in the city was not the same, a couple of decades ago. However, it took off around 2004, as the IT sector started generating demand for residential properties across the city.

It was a perfect time for the abnormal rise in the rates, with real estate boom in Hyderabad opening the doors for investors and developers. The prices went up by five to six times and a major transformation raised speculations of a healthy future for the real estate sector in the South Indian city, explain industry experts at Modi Builders.

The land rates also jumped by three to four times and the people started investing in  various locations in the city. Since residential areas in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune have been saturated, Hyderabad is turning into a leader of the pack by attracting various corporates and residential real estate seekers from other cities.

Young people are also migrating to Hyderabad due to the cost factor and a huge potential on purchasing a property. Experts at Modi Builders, one of the top builders in Hyderabad opine that the residential real estate sector in the city is not about small and affordable projects anymore. There are many luxurious projects in and around the city, which offer plethora of amenities to the residents.

Swimming pools, play areas, gymnasium, security, etc., are some of the basic amenities offered by all these projects. With great eco-system for healthy and hassle-free living, the buyers are preferring these spacious apartments over small spaces in the main city.

In terms of quality of life and residential pricing, the city is still offering better value for money, compared to the other metro cities. Hyderabad is set to add another 14,000 to 15,000 residential units to its inventory this year, which will further boost the growth of realty sector in the city.


Lotus Homes

Lotus Homes Has All The Characteristics Of A Perfect House

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Moving in a new house or investing in property is a big thing to do as it entails a lot of ‘ifs and buts’. If you are planning to buy flats for sale in Hyderabad, Modi Builders is surely the developers to contact. The builder has a home portfolio, consisting of houses, which are designed to satisfy your dreams of owning a beautiful abode. Their Lotus Homes is a perfect blend of charisma and comfort, at affordable prices.

Modi Builders highlights thoughts, which are mostly culled from discussions with their buyers, data analytics and personal observations, with a prominence on investment value and some expectation of future trends:


Because buyers are looking long-term, the flight to quality has never been so active.  Buying the best location you can afford will never go out of style. Being in a great school district is smart, even if you don’t have kids.


Every homebuyer looks for the security factor while thinking about the location before buying a house. People nowadays have concerns about their security, and the safety scenario might get shoddier in the future. So, the purchase you make should be a wise one. Buy flats that have gated security, and the neighboring properties do not hurt.


Privacy is a factor that nobody compromises on. For that, there should be no looking in, especially, not from above by the neighbors. Up-slopes are good enough only if there is sufficient space of flat area, and the home on the upper level are built back, so you don’t glimpse their life much.


As per the demand statistics, people usually seek home in a multi story building as they feel more connected and secured in that environment. People, who live in a single-story flat, later run into snag with no neighbors, know that you can always seek help of a neighbor when in need.

Spacious Floor Plan

People usually look for houses that feature big, ventilated rooms that le the air flow. The room that has enough leg space can be added to an open checkbook for the home buyers.

Modi Builders offers well-appointed housing options to their buyers and their flats for sale in Hyderabad have been constructed on the bricks of high quality and trust.





Modi Builders

Hyderabad Realty Sector slated for major growth in 2018, predict Modi Builders Experts

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Modi Builders found that year 2016 and 2017 were event-filled for the Indian real estate sector. The Indian government initiated various policies to promote transparency in real estate and create affordable housing in the country. Policies like Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), Real Estate Investment Act (REITs) and Benami Transaction Act took off well from commencement. Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Demonetization also began to reflect a positive outcome gradually.

For a market full of consumers, RERA is likely to create adequate affordable housing in various cities across the country. The government policies are modifying Indian realty in favor of both the investors and developers. It is being predicted that the effect of these policies will remain positive in the long run.

Considered the most desirable when it comes to owning a house, Delhi and Mumbai have been attracting the most investments from buyers and sellers for the past few years. However, statistics suggest that the new policies might change this trend in 2018. Moreover, cities like Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru will experience fast growth in real estate sales.

Modi Builders, a leading realty group, says that 2018 will witness a surge in the purchase of villas in Hyderabad. Their experts anticipated that while the residential rentals in the city will remain stable, office rentals will flourish in 2018. Luxury villas in Hyderabad, with sprawling lawns and ample parking spaces will be in great demand.

Year 2017 has been one of the most difficult years for the residential market of India, facing various challenges due to the policy changes. Yet, due to the lower price base, capital values in Hyderabad grew at a comparatively faster rate.

Statistics show that net commercial space consumption in Hyderabad was around 32 million square feet last year. With a consistent growth in real estate for the past few years, Hyderabad will be one of the seven major cities of India to reach 600 million square feet of total office stock by December 2019.

In the last one year, there have been a lot of queries from buyers who are keen on buying flats for sale in Hyderabad. This year too, the trend will continue, where millennials will invest in housing spaces that have a good value for money.

On account of affordability and improved infrastructure developments, the suburbs of Hyderabad are also rising as the most coveted housing markets in the city. Offering the villas for Sale in Secunderabad, Modi Builders are making significant contributions to this revolution.

As a result of the policy changes, the investment in the residential market of India is expected to be steady in 2018. With this development, industrial experts from Modi Builders Group foresee a dynamic growth in the sales of villas in Hyderabad.