Modi Builders Sets The Benchmark For Superlative Eco-Friendly Constructions

Eco-Friendly Constructions

Modi Builders Sets The Benchmark For Superlative Eco-Friendly Constructions

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Real Estate

Real estate is inventing a whole new concept of sustainability, and homeowners seem to speak the same language too. Residential projects equipped with Solar lighting for common areas and LEDs, solar panel infused or having green home certifications, account for some of the premium listings in the real estate market.

Buyers are increasingly seeking the natural way of living, and what better way than to go green? Let your children experience the thrill of swinging from trees, take a walk with your loved ones under a green canopy or plan getaway picnics with your neighbours. Experience the great sunset through the lush greens and let life be refreshed every day. Enjoy life as it should be; together and in harmony with nature.

In terms of sustainable apartments, taking steps to improve sustainability can also improve the health of your indoor environment. Eco-friendly design features and sustainable buildings are being adopted faster than ever, and buyers are seeking out the next best green amenities, from zero off-gassing, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, high-efficiency heating and cooling, etc.

With residential homes across projects like Elegance, Paradise Homes, Sterling Heights and many others by top builders in Hyderabad, the residents are adopting peaceful living with green landscapes and lots of conveniences for a comfortable lifestyle. The luxurious amenities consist of toddler’s play area, garden, rainwater harvesting, aroma gardens, family area, adventure play area, well-equipped gym, walking track, tennis court, swimming pool and many more facilities.

The specific features of the beautiful projects include a flexible floor plan, open kitchen, spacious bedrooms, and many more. Nested peacefully amidst nature, these projects are is in close proximity to all city conveniences – bus stop, schools, hospitals, airport, and others.

Modi Builders focuses on developing large and green expanses across the city along with providing top-notch facilities, reinstating the firm’s powerful purpose of going “green.” The environmentally-friendly designs of construction are now being embraced by real estate professionals and the industry alike.


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