How can Hyderabad offer affordable housing near transit to people of all income groups?

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How can Hyderabad offer affordable housing near transit to people of all income groups?

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The demand for affordable housing is skyrocketing as innumerable people are migrating to metro cities for a better lifestyle and more jobs opportunities. Around half of the country’s population owns a home, the rest stay either in rented or dilapidated houses. Considering the need of own homes, the government launched Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme in 2015 aiming to provide homes to the urban poor with proper facilities.


Top builders in Hyderabad like Modi Builders are striving to develop residential projects in the city that meet the criteria of affordable housing. From a long time, Modi Builders has been constructing affordable houses with state-of-the-art amenities at great transit locations like Kukatpally, Kompally and more to let people own their homes. Homes at renowned projects namely Lotus Homes, Paradise Homes, etc, start from around 27 lakh which attract many potential buyers. To enhance the lifestyle of new buyers, modern amenities are offered like clubhouse, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, parking, garden, panic buzzers and more.


Why affordable housing is a necessity?

Affordable homes are imperative to a family building a path out of poverty. Owning a home gives the family more stability, lifetime security, financial freedom, independence and better health that most of the families can’t achieve without outside support.

Majority of the homebuyers consider the cost of the property as the most important factor and then come other factors like location, timely delivery and more. Contemplating that the cost of homes is the prime need of most buyers, a collective effort by builders in launching affordable homes will increase the overall housing demands, experts at Modi Builders review. The boost in the real estate sector will, in turn, help uplift the nation’s economy.

Experts are also of a view that schemes like PMAY motivate the developers to shift their focus towards offering affordable housing.

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