Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa realty sector turns positive as new launches pick pace

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Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa realty sector turns positive as new launches pick pace

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Coping up from a slump that largely affected the India’s real estate sector, Cities like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Goa etc., are set to pace up. Also, the latest boom in the affordable hosing sector is a strong validating factor. “Although, new home launches across the country dropped by 10 per cent during the fourth quarter of 2017, but these cities recorded a surging growth rate of over 100 per cent,” Modi Builders review.

Hyderabad property market seems promising, says C Shekhar Reddy, erstwhile national President, Credai. “Sales boomed during the last quarter. Considering the number of bookings, it’s taking the sector by storm.”

Developers say that the property buyers are happy taking possession of property well in advance. Stock inventory, mostly western part of Hyderabad is good. Ongoing projects are lining up rapidly.

There are multiple factors that have influenced the property sales in month after month, in these cities. So, each quarter has variations in trend. Annual statistics give out a clear status. Some delays generally occur in several forms. For instance, getting government approvals also cause delay in the project implementation. Recession after boom gave valuable experiences to our builders, developers and bankers. Builders take care of not blocking money avoiding interest burden,” adds Reddy.

Sounding positive about the Goa real estate, Vivek Agarwal, Co-founder and Principal Partner, Squareyards.com said ,”Goa makes a compelling real estate bet with sound infrastructure and good economic environment. Real estate prices in Goa range from Rs 4500 p.s.f. to Rs 6500 p.s.f. Most of the properties are within this price range. But the prices change across areas and category of houses. A row house villa would approximately cost Rs 2-3 crore.”

Modi Builders review these cities as excellent investment destination for buyers looking for a spacious home at affordable prices. At present these locations have become investment hotspots too. NRIs have shown keen interest in the Indian real estate sector.

Rajeeb Dash, AVP Sales & Marketing Tata Housing Development Company Limited says, “In the recent years, India’s real estate market has seen a significant change in the choice of residence purchase.”

“The growing class of affluent, NRIs are increasingly investing here mainly due to the desire to stay close to nature. It has become one of the prime destinations for people from congested cities seeking homes that offer them the much needed space to unwind and pull away from rumble of metros,” Dash adds.

Now it will be interesting to see how the property rates will tick higher with the rapidly growing demand for housing in these cities.

Modi Builders

Hyderabad Realty Sector slated for major growth in 2018, predict Modi Builders Experts

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Modi Builders found that year 2016 and 2017 were event-filled for the Indian real estate sector. The Indian government initiated various policies to promote transparency in real estate and create affordable housing in the country. Policies like Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), Real Estate Investment Act (REITs) and Benami Transaction Act took off well from commencement. Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Demonetization also began to reflect a positive outcome gradually.

For a market full of consumers, RERA is likely to create adequate affordable housing in various cities across the country. The government policies are modifying Indian realty in favor of both the investors and developers. It is being predicted that the effect of these policies will remain positive in the long run.

Considered the most desirable when it comes to owning a house, Delhi and Mumbai have been attracting the most investments from buyers and sellers for the past few years. However, statistics suggest that the new policies might change this trend in 2018. Moreover, cities like Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru will experience fast growth in real estate sales.

Modi Builders, a leading realty group, says that 2018 will witness a surge in the purchase of villas in Hyderabad. Their experts anticipated that while the residential rentals in the city will remain stable, office rentals will flourish in 2018. Luxury villas in Hyderabad, with sprawling lawns and ample parking spaces will be in great demand.

Year 2017 has been one of the most difficult years for the residential market of India, facing various challenges due to the policy changes. Yet, due to the lower price base, capital values in Hyderabad grew at a comparatively faster rate.

Statistics show that net commercial space consumption in Hyderabad was around 32 million square feet last year. With a consistent growth in real estate for the past few years, Hyderabad will be one of the seven major cities of India to reach 600 million square feet of total office stock by December 2019.

In the last one year, there have been a lot of queries from buyers who are keen on buying flats for sale in Hyderabad. This year too, the trend will continue, where millennials will invest in housing spaces that have a good value for money.

On account of affordability and improved infrastructure developments, the suburbs of Hyderabad are also rising as the most coveted housing markets in the city. Offering the villas for Sale in Secunderabad, Modi Builders are making significant contributions to this revolution.

As a result of the policy changes, the investment in the residential market of India is expected to be steady in 2018. With this development, industrial experts from Modi Builders Group foresee a dynamic growth in the sales of villas in Hyderabad.

modi builders review

Modi Builders Review the Recent Developments in the Indian Real Estate Sector

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The Indian government has been introducing various policies in the recent few quarters. Modi Builders Review that a proper mechanism is necessary to address the issues of the real estate sector of India.

The rapid urbanization has been leading to the growth in India’s real estate sector. The sector is the second largest employer in the country, after agriculture. However, several unreliable developers also exist in the market. Most of them miss the mark in timely deliveries of their projects. Moreover, they have been overcharging the buyers and exploiting them.

The Modi government has been taking keen initiatives to change the scenario of the Indian realty market. They have implemented various major policies, with an aim of creating transparency in the real estate. The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), Benami Transactions Act and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are some major policies that brought a visible change in the sector.

Modi Builders has reviewed that the steps taken by the government are of value to both the investors and the developers. It believes that the new acts will create a market for the consumers and will knock out the inappropriate constructors. Modi Builders Group is a leading construction company of Hyderabad. It is serving quality and honesty to their consumers since establishment.

The new regulations are designed to promote timely completion of projects and to maintain the steadiness, by regulating the sale in real estate sector. According to Modi Builders Group, these regulations are likely to create affordable housing for the buyers. It is anticipating that the middle-class will be able to buy houses at reasonable prices.

Goods and Service Tax (GST), and Demonetization have been other major regulations that impacted the home buyers, builders and property agents. The Indian government has been putting the efforts to enhance transparency and bring greater accountability in the realty sector.

The Hyderabad-based realtors expect that the new regulations will bring a positive change.

Villas in Hyderabad

Looking to invest in commercial real-estate projects? Villas in Hyderabad can be rewarding, say Modi Builders realty experts

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The returns on commercial real estate property even through fractional investment are huge. Modi Builders, one of the leading real estate companies, have reviewed that 3,00,000 units of commercial real estate properties are sold only in top six cities of Bengaluru, Mumbai, NCR, Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad every year. Taking a cue from this scenario, realty experts at Modi Builders have developed several commercial properties, including sterling Villas in Hyderabad, loaded with several modern amenities.

But how is commercial real estate investment better than other investment options? Let’s analyze the returns from various sectors.

  • Returns from cash, equity and fixed deposits:

Even though there is a lot of risk associated with equity investments, it is still the winner. The investors are compensated by almost double the returns of fixed deposits. This is significant, given that inflation averaged above 5-6% during this period rendering real returns from fixed deposits close to zero.

  • Fixed deposits:

According to Modi Builders review, stock markets have the highest risk and return percentage, whereas fixed deposits have the lowest risk and deposits. In stock market, one can lose half of the capital in a single day, while as in case of FD, the principal is always safe.

  • Returns from debt funds:

An investor can look at debt mutual funds to get good returns from FDs. The returns can vary between 9-11 per cent depending upon the mix of securities. However getting 18-20 per cent returns are very tough here. This is the reason investor with good market knowledge are likely to invest mainly in long lasting commercial projects, like apartments and villas in Hyderabad and other cities by Modi Builders.

  • Commercial property:

Commercial property has different characteristics. It is in between fixed deposits and equity with a lower risk and good possibility of amazing returns. The commercial property investors get 7-8 per cent monthly rental, which increases every year and a share of capital appreciation of property.

One can minimize the downside risk if the choice is made correctly. Commercial property investment can give returns anywhere between 15-25% per year with 8%. The annual rent escalation and lower tax regime make it a better investment option.

An individual has to pay 33 per cent tax on fixed deposit interest, but the rent is taxed at 21 per cent only. The capital gains from property are also taxed at 20 per cent only.

After doing a thorough market research, one can conclude that investing in commercial property is far more beneficial than investing in other sectors. Having several luxury villas for sale in Hyderabad and other cities, investing with Modi Builders can be a right choice, especially for first-time investors.

Modi Builders Review

Modi Builders Review How Online Approval of Building Plans Constructive For Applicants

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People living in 500 cities across India, can now get their building plans easily approved online, according to Modi Builders Review. “These cities, covered under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), are ready to implement online building approval system,” said Housing and Urban Affairs Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri.

At present, only the citizens of Delhi and Mumbai have access to this facility, where they get their building plans — commercial and residential —approved within 60 working days. “We are actively working towards introducing this facility in every city within a couple of months,” the Housing Minister added.

Modi Builders review stated that trimming down the approval period to 2 months is a good step taken by the government, considering the hardships people had to face while getting their plans sanctioned. Earlier, the entire procedure took several months, forcing people to visit different government offices again and again.

After the implementation of online system, applicants will have to fill only one centralized form, and the application will be automatically sent to the agencies concerned, viz., municipality, water supply agency, fire department, etc. Since there is no direct contact between the applicant and government officials, the scope of corrupt officials asking for bribes.

Modi Builders further review that the respective agencies will have to sanction or give valid reasons for disapproving the plans. This will make the entire system transparent at both the ends. Also, the online approval system will minimize hardships that people usually face while submitting a physical application. In states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, local authorities have the power of giving environmental clearance for buildings up to a certain coverage area. The government now wants more states to follow this suit.

Since the online building approval system got implemented in Mumbai, several procedures, from the beginning to the end, have been cut down from 42 to only eight. In Delhi, the figure has come down from 29 procedures to only eight. Moreover, the number of days for completing the process, which earlier took at least six months, has been reduced to 60 in both the cities.